Our Programs

Expressive/Intuitive Painting

To be able to simply move the paint on a canvas, without the worry of a finished product is very freeing. It allows a client to be expressive and process in a safe, supportive environment. A Purple Art facilitator works with residents to explore life experiences through paint, torn paper, and collage. Group painting is a fantastic way for artists to connect, to join in a common activity, to interact and have fun! And working one-on-one can be a profound experience when using the process of intuitive painting.

Art With Residents with Memory Loss

Using a "process over product" approach, Purple Art facilitators encourage both imagination and conversation, and above all, human connection through a range of media. Our approach centers on a calm, encouraging, quiet and ordered creative setting, and simple, clear prompts for beginning and experiencing the process of painting and collage.

A Picture Plus a Thousand Words

In this program, residents bring a significant photograph to the group. We begin the session by showing our photo and explaining everything we can remember about it: who took it, what was happening outside the frame of the picture, what the weather was like, the mood of the photo, what people were wearing or what was happening. Those who would like may share with the group. In subsequent sessions, facilitators meet with one or two residents to write a comprehensive story around the photograph. Often when details cannot be remembered, we create a story. The photos are enlarged and the stories edited and printed, then we host a gallery opening to exhibit the final photo essays.

Picture This

In this art history program, a Purple Art facilitator brings a print of an original work of art each week. After a mini discussion about the artist, historical period and the piece itself, the facilitator leads a discussion about form, mood, context, content and process. This is highly interactive, fun and a great way to connect residents, staff, and families.

Community or Individual Art Shows

After scaling down and moving to a residential community, people often keep just special works of art to hang on their walls. We coordinate art walks or exhibit, where residents can show their art and talk about where they got it and what it means to them. This can be done with acquired art, original works, or a combination -- for just one person or for the whole community!

Artful Memory Books

In this program, we explore the connection between memory and visual imagery. Participants develop personal Art Books led by two Purple Art facilitators. Each week, the group focuses on a different theme intended to stimulate the imagination and memories. Themes include clothing, nature, personal objects, and special events. Participants create artwork using different media that are assembled together as a book. The program concludes with an exhibit, reception and presentation of the Art Books for the other residents as well as the families and friends of the participants.

Intergenerational Art Works!

This intergenerational program enables seniors and teens to mentor each other through the creation of art together. Students in high school are paired with older mentors, and over eight weeks they work together to make expressive artworks together. Following initial large group activities, pairs are formed; and each couple creates a shadow box reflecting their shared interests, origins, personal histories, and dreams for the future. Through the experience of seeing new perspectives in a non-traditional format, Art Works! develops long lasting friendships across generations and provides artists of all ages new approaches to creating and thinking about art.