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Purple Art programs for seniors inspire tactile introspection and expression through hands-on creative projects that articulate the richness of our life experiences.


Growing older is a challenge physically, but loneliness and isolation are the real enemies of aging. How can we as families, caregivers and communities confront these challenges?


According to a Journal of Aging Studies study there are six features of successful aging: a sense of purpose, interactions with others, personal growth, self-acceptance, autonomy,

and health. 


The findings indicate that “creative activity contributes to successful aging by fostering a sense of competence, purpose, and growth. Artistic creativity also facilitates successful aging by encouraging the development of problem-solving skills, motivation, and perceptions that translate into a practical creativity in the way these individuals manage their everyday lives.” 


As program facilitators, we encourage with lighthearted enthusiasm. We don't push or judge. We know how to ask the questions that can bring out stories and feelings. We get excited, and our artists can feel it. Painting is something new: moving color around with a brush, or fingers, or other implements. It's not about painting a mountain, it's about painting a feeling or a mood.


"Getting old is hell, but I wouldn't trade it

for anything. I get to see what I'm made of."

~ Nancy


“What a revelation that I can express my feelings in an artistic way with shapes and colors rather than words. Words have a sharp edge to them, but thoughts and feelings are soft and flowing. Expressing myself on canvas reaches so much deeper. It is so liberating to get my strong feelings on paper in color.”

~ John

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